Our Story

At moritoys we design and manufacture gender neutral toys that are educational and fun. We work closely with child development experts and design specialists to produce quality toys that create a robust learning foundation for all children.  

Gender-neutral toys

We know that children’s interests and skills can be shaped by the toys they play with. Early childhood play experiences can change peoples’ perceptions of gender and influence the choices they make in later life, including their career decisions. Despite this, todays' choice of toys remains highly gendered. 

At moritoys, we believe the role of play should be to introduce children to the widest range of experiences possible. We do this by:

  • designing our toys solely for play and developmental values
  • never describing or classifying our toys by gender 
  • producing inclusive and bias-free designs and illustrations that reflect the world we envision for our children 
  • ensuring that girls and boys are represented equally in all our communication materials 
  • recognising the important parenting roles that mothers and fathers play in their childrens’ lives, and reflect this in our marketing materials

Locally sourced, ethical products

We are passionate about creating toys that make the learning journey accessible and fun for all children. We are also deeply committed to achieving this goal in a socially responsible manner. All our products are made by local producers in Turkey, with a share of proceeds going to support local development. All our suppliers comply with the highest ethical standards and offer fair, safe, and legal working conditions to their employees. We commission annual social compliance audits and verify global certifications to ensure that these high standards are upheld by our supplies.


Environmental commitment

Our commitment to eco-friendly practices extends throughout our supply chain, from responsible sourcing to efficient manufacturing processes.

One significant step we have taken towards sustainability is the integration of recycled cardboard in the manufacturing of our toys and games. By utilizing recycled cardboard, we not only minimize our ecological footprint but also contribute to the reduction of waste and deforestation.

In our continuous efforts to prioritize sustainability and environmental consciousness, we are excited to announce our commitment to shift towards plant-based inks in all our toys and games by 2024. Traditional printing inks often contain petroleum-based chemicals that can be harmful to the environment and human health. By transitioning to plant-based inks, derived from renewable resources such as soy, vegetable oils, or other natural compounds, we can significantly reduce our ecological impact.

Furthermore, we continually work to reduce single-use plastic from all our product packaging. We have successfully eliminated plastic bags from our packaging and have made it our top priority to reduce package sizing and the weight of materials used in our packaging. This reduces our environmental footprint and improves our shipping efficiency. 

Over 80% of our suppliers are located within 200 miles of our warehouse. By sourcing our products and materials locally we not only support the local economy but greatly reduce our greenhouse gas emissions.