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My Self Care Routine: 8+2 Double-Sided Puzzle

My Self Care Routine: 8+2 Double-Sided Puzzle

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Ages 2+ | Double-Sided | 8+1 progressive challenge

Encourage healthy self-care habits while gradually developing jigsaw skills!

  • 2 self-care journeys: Discover a dentist visit adventure where your child can learn about dental care in an interactive way; then move on to the next journey and explore a serene park scene where our characters engage in mindful activities like meditation, connecting with nature, and enjoying physical exercises.
  • 8 habit helpers: Flip the puzzle to discover eight 4-piece mini puzzles, each featuring our characters engaging in essential daily self-care activities. From nutritious meals to bedtime routines, brushing teeth to dressing up, each piece tells a self-care story.
  • Progressive Fun: Start with the 4-piece mini puzzles on one side, featuring daily self-care routines. As your child gains confidence, flip the puzzle to tackle the 16-piece scenes on the other side. It's a journey of learning and development!

The kit includes:

  • Side one: 8 x 4 piece puzzles (16.5 x 11.5 cm)
  • Side two: 2 x 16 piece puzzles (25 x 35 cm)
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